iPAAC JA has ended – thank you all

08. 04. 2022

As the iPAAC JA has come to the end, we would like to thank all the partners of the Consortium, our very special thanks go to the Work Package Leaders, who have done a lot of the groundwork in their respective specialised areas. We could not have achieved this much without the strong commitment, dedicated work, and efforts of all partners in the consortium in reaching our joint objectives and completing our deliverables.

iPAAC Local Stakeholder Forum in Netherlands

24. 11. 2021 – 24. 11. 2021

The Durch Local Stakeholder Forum was held on 24 November 2021 in virtual settings.

Second iPAAC Local Stakeholder Forum in Belgium

23. 11. 2021 – 23. 11. 2021

Second Belgian iPAAC Local Stakeholder Forum was held on 23 November 2021.