1. Support for Member States as regards the implementation of recommendations from the CANCON Joint Action at national, regional and local levels. The Roadmap on Implementation and Sustainability of Cancer Control Actions is the central deliverable of the JA. The Roadmap will focus on a number of intersecting issues which occur in different topics represented by both previous CANCON Work Packages and the current iPAAC Work Packages. The Roadmap will thus provide an integrated summarised strategic tool on several important aspects in cancer control, which might be of particular relevance to policymakers.
  2. Reinforcing of cancer prevention through a review of current recommendations for cancer screening and a sound assessment of the potential that might exist for the introduction of possible new screening programmes.
  3. Reinforcing of cancer prevention through a critical evaluation and assessment of the impact the activities in the field of genomics may have on improving cancer control both at the population level, at the level of certain populations at risk and at the level of clinical use.
  4. Reinforcing of cancer prevention through assessment of the implementation and potential modifications of the European Code Against Cancer and of updating needs of health promotion and health in all policies.
  5. Providing better efficacy for dealing with neglected cancers, through development of new key indicators to assess clinical patient pathways and healthcare-related costs of cancer and its interventions, particularly in the case of pancreatic cancer.
  6. Supporting the introduction of immunotherapies into clinical practice through a comprehensive assessment of immunotherapies and their effectiveness.
  7. Evaluation of cancer care in European countries through an assessment of quality indicators.
  8. Improving the responsiveness to patient needs in terms of a better assessment of their current levels and, in particular, identifying and bridging the gaps, which are the most evident.