WP leader: Federal Ministry of Health, Germany (Simone Wesselmann)

Governance means different things on different levels and has different implications depending on the perspective. That is why it is a key concept to be addressed in a systematic way. A conceptual model is needed in order to describe and better understand governance in each country. At this purpose a valid reference model, as also suggested by the CANCON-Guide, is the stewardship model proposed by WHO. Governance here is to be understood in this conceptual framework.

The goal of this work package is to further develop practical instruments ensuring a standardized integrated and comprehensive oncological care in all European member states which is tumour-specific and delivers all-encompassing high-quality care to all patients.

The aim of the work package is to develop practical instructions for the successful governance and steering of cancer care in all member states. The instructions will be based on the recommendations developed during CanCon.

Specific objectives are:

  • Analysis of NCCP’s according to the incorporation and implementation of the core steering instruments
  • Development of a methodology for deriving quality indicators and for patient pathways
  • Development of a set of generic and tumour-specific requirements for the setup of CCCN´s. This set will be the basis for member state specific adaptations.
  • Analysis of existing models of PROM &PREM collection and development of a framework for the implementation of PROMs & PREMs in routine care
  • Development of a framework for the implementation and monitoring of CCCN’s
  • Practical application and implementation of the developed templates and framework in a CCCN.