WP leader: Institute of Health Information and Statistics, Czech Republic (Ladislav Dušek)

WP2 main objectives:

  1. To continue in presentation of main recommendations and policy papers of previous JA CANCON and to elaborate new information tools disseminating its outcomes
  2. To develop effective iPAAC communication strategy addressing all relevant professional target groups as well as general public and to make intensive communication sustainable
  3. To raise public awareness on current issues of innovative and sustainable cancer care, with special focus on cancer prevention and healthy life style in general

WP2 main objective is to set up multiple channels and strategies disseminating key messages and recommendations of JA to main targets and audiences. The main effort of the WP2 will be focused on two principal targets which should be addressed via specific channels and tools and which can absorb relatively different content of messages:

  1. health care professionals, stakeholders, political authorities
  2. patients, their relatives, general public

In case of health care professionals and professional community responsible for cancer care organization and management, keynote messages to be disseminated are related to recommendations helpful in optimizing the care, effective managerial models, current challenges coming via innovations, personalized prevention, diagnostics and therapy, technologies supporting optimization and sustainability of cancer care for all patients, including ICT models of control. General public should be informed about main JA missions and outcomes related to cancer care equity and quality control, results of surveys realized in MS and resulting recommendations on best practices, efforts improving surveillance and disease management models. Although the content of both information pathways will be derived from the same base, i.e. outcomes of JA WPs, the professional and scientific messages must be translated to forms which can address wider audience in general public. This kind of information service will thus form substantial part of the WP2 strategy and will raise its educational potential.