14. 01. 2019 – 15. 01. 2019 | Msida

The Maltese Stakeholder Forum was held on 14 and 15 January 2019 at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre.

The event consisted of two meetings: stakeholders’ meeting on 14th January and Work Package 4 meeting (Integration in National Policies and Sustainability) on 15 January 2019.

Meeting coordinators:

  • Dr Miriam Dalmas, Consultant Public Health Medicine, Office of the Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr Marc Van Den Bulcke, Work Package 6 leader, Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgium
  • Ms Laure Bakker, Work Package 4, Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgium
  • Dr Jason Attard, Higher Specialist Trainee, Public Health Medicine, Office of the Chief Medical Officer

The stakeholders’ meeting on the 14th January consisted of an information session on the Joint Action to a wide range of stakeholders involved in the delivery of cancer control services in Malta.

During the meetings on the 15th January several interviews were conducted with key actors working in the cancer services. These interviews sought to elicit and discuss the strengths and limitations experienced by service providers to maintain, improve and introduce innovation in the services provided. A multi-disciplinary audience was invited and attended these events. Attendees included professionals from the health promotion, national cancer screening, national cancer registry, cancer care pathways, surgery, pharmacy, pathology, diagnostic and therapeutic medical imaging, oncology, haematology and palliative care as well as Hospice Malta and the National Cancer Platform Association.