05. 12. 2019 – 05. 12. 2019

The iPAAC WP5 conference, side event of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, was held on 5 December 2019 in Helsinki.

The conference was hosted by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and the Cancer Society of Finland (CSF). Some 75 participants took part in the conference.

The conference aim was to update findings on cancer screening from previous joint actions CANCON and EPAAC, to advance innovation and to look at future possibilities for developing population-based screening programmes.

The programme of the conference included presentations to the main themes and co-creational group work. The main themes were cervical, breast and colorectal cancer screening in Europe, risk-stratified screening programmes, needs to update the EU Council recommendation on cancer screening, possibilities of new cancer screening programmes and the future of screening criteria for informing new screening programmes and co-creation: building a bridge from knowledge-production to change-making.

In co-creational group work the participants tried to identify examples on country or regional level and what concrete themes and questions should be included in the Action Plan against Cancer and Cancer Mission.



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