04. 03. 2021

National Cancer Control Programmes (NCCPs) are key documents in the field of cancer control; health systems can respond to population needs regarding cancer only through adequate planning.

A survey on NCCPs and related cancer documents in EU Member States, some EEA countries and EU candidate countries which was carried out in 2018 provided valuable information regarding current situation in the field of NCCPs in Europe and regarding the presence of some key elements (quality indicators, patient reported outcome measures-PROMs, patient pathways, implementation of Comprehensive Cancer Care Networks-CCCNs) that quality NCCPs/Cancer Documents should include.  On the basis of the answers to the survey, a generic list of evidence based tools for efficient stewardship and measure of effects of the cancer control will be prepared.

The results of the survey are available in the Report on the basis of the analysis of data from the survey on National Cancer Control Programmes/Cancer documents in EU (PDF file, 2 MB).