04. 03. 2021

In the scientific literature in the field of cancer care, especially in the literature concerning national and regional cancer control programmes, the terms governance and stewardship in/of cancer care are frequently used, but are usually not explained or defined.

In the frame of the work of iPAAC JA definitions of the mentioned terms were developed on the basis of the literature review and work within in the working group, where the definitions were discussed, supplemented and addopted by European experts on cancer from different institutions, academia, Ministries of Health as well as the representatives of cancer organisations, cancer institutes and cancer patients. The definitions will be particularly useful in the field of national cancer control programmes and will facilitate the understanding of the leadership tasks in the area of cancer care and cancer control.

The agreed definitions are available in the Report on the basis of the literature review and terminological assessment of the terms ┬╗Governance/Stewardship in/of Cancer Care (PDF file, 630 kB).