02. 07. 2018 – 03. 07. 2018

A kick-off meeting of the work package 9 was held on 2–3 July 2018 at the French National Cancer Institute (INCa), Boulogne Billancourt.

The objective of this working group is to address various challenges related to innovative medicines with a focus on immunotherapies. Four themes will be the subject of specific work during the next three years and will lead to joint recommendations.

The first task will be to establish a European map of existing recommendations and the framework within which immunotherapies are used. It will also involve the identification of non-compliant practices. The aim is to promote the proper use of these treatments and to promote coordination between institutions, professionals and member states.

Reflection on biomarkers will also be conducted in order to identify and to validate response-predicting biomarkers and to help distinguish responding and non-responding patients, taking into account potential resistance or toxicity. On the other hand, early identification of new and/or emerging cancer drugs that are being developed, together with the identification of biomarkers associated with the Horizon Scanning programmes, will be coordinated with the programme that INCa is about to launch.

Finally, a system for monitoring innovative treatments after marketing authorisation will be developed to obtain real-life data, particularly in terms of safety, efficacy, good use and therapeutic strategies.

Meeting documents