05. 03. 2021

A set of reports created by WP 10, Task 3 focused on quality indicators in cancer care has been completed and published.

Systematic review of the Quality Indicators (QIs) to evaluate the CCCN approach in the management of oncologic patients
A systematic literature review was performed with two aims. First, to identify quality indicators (Qis) already implemented in clinical oncological practice. Second, to retrieve the description of the methodology processes used to derive these QIs.
Open document (PDF file, 850 kB)

Methodology for defining quality indicators (QI) in order to monitor and improve oncological care within a Comprehensive Cancer Care Network (CCCN) – the iPAAC Evaluation Tool for QIs in oncology
Since the systematic review provided only a limited number of implemented indicators with reported results, an additional search was conducted on websites of European quality assurance institutions in oncology. The search focused on colorectal and pancreatic carcinoma because the work within WP 10 concentrated on these two tumour entities to ensure synergies with other iPAAC work packages and European initiatives. Based on the results of the reported methodology in publications identified by the systematic review and the additional search on homepages of national and international quality assurance organizations, the “iPAAC evaluation tool for QI” (iET-QI) was developed to assess the identified QIs. The methodological steps are reported according to the reporting standards for guideline-based performance measures of the Guideline International Network (GIN)
Open document (PDF file, 190 kB)

Quality Indicators for Colorectal and Pancreatic Cancer to monitor and improve oncological care within Comprehensive Cancer Care Networks (CCCN)
The iET-QI-methodology was used to create the final set of 40 quality indicators for the treatment and care of colorectal and pancreatic cancer. This set of indicators will be implemented in the two pilot CCCNs in the course of WP 10 with the aim of pilot testing the validity of this path for the assessment of quality of care within CCCNs.
Open document (PDF file, 270 kB)

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