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Country/JA: Spain flag Spain
Action type: Action

Problem: It addresses the problem of deficient registration in the information system in primary care, in the training of professionals and in the practice of minimum and group counselling.

Objective: The objective of the implementation is the comprehensive approach to smoking, from prevention to cessation. The normative scope of application of these guides and protocols is one of the objectives and activities included in the Implementation Plan for the fight against smoking of the Primary Care Management of the island of Mallorca (GAPM). These actions are aimed at the general population (prevention) and smokers treated (treatment) in primary care and to the Primary Care Teams to update their knowledge and approach to smoking. The GAPM, the anti-smoking group of the General Directorate of Public Health and Participation, the Health Service, participated in its design.

Implementation status: Fully implemented action

Key Contextual Factors

  • The Ministry of Health of the Murcia Region has been implementing training actions in smoking since 2007 (Face-to-face training has been provided to members of the Tobacco Free Health Centers Network). In 2012 it planned training in healthy lifestyles advice, preparing specific materials (videos with role playing and training brochure). In 2019, online training begins, taking advantage of previous experience and resources. Spain has a health system which facilitates access and formation to health workers.The Network of Tobacco-Free Health Centers in the Murcia Region includes 16 public and private hospitals and 85 healthcare centers. The Network provides training to its healthcare professionals.

Key Components/Steps

  • An online course on smoking advice has been developed, with interactive material.
  • 10-hour online training course on smoking cessation advice for health professionals (medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, psychology and pharmacy) from Primary Health Care centers and hospitals (public and private) in the Network of Tobacco Free Health Centers in the Region of Murcia:
  • Learning theory: The Transtheoretical Model Prochaska & Diclemente, educational council. The 5A’s for brief tobacco interventions and Motivational interview.
  • It was offered to members of the Network of Tobacco Free Health Centers.
  • Six editions have been planned in 2019 and 2020.
  • General objective: Train health professionals from centers attached to the Network of Tobacco-Free Health Centers of the Region of Murcia to provide health advice on the consumption of tobacco and other related products.
  • Specific objectives: Encourage a positive attitude towards conducting health advice on smoking. Recognize the different existing tobacco-related products and their main health consequences. Describe the effective methodology of the health council and the methodology of the 5 Aes. Know the scientific evidence of the council on smoking. Identify empathic and motivational communication skills. Recognize tobacco cessation resources to offer in the health council on smoking.
  • Methodology: The course is divided into 10 topics, to be carried out over a month. It is estimated to have a workload of 10 hours. The theoretical and practical methodology, assuming the practical part 50% of the training. It consists of theoretical content in web and pdf format, as well as explanatory videos. For the practical content, it includes activities for prior reflection, solving exercises, analysis of role playing advice and solving a practical case.

Main Impacts / Added Value

  • Between 2019 and 2020, 331 healthcare workers completed the online training. They learn:
    • To give brief advice on smoking and makes it easier to carry out.
    • To receive training in health education methodology and approach to smoking, based on scientific evidence, which its application in a protocolized way.
  • The main benefit for the population is that consumes of tobacco-related products receive advice while attending the health system, or in community activities, which has been shown to be effective in promoting quitting and for the non-smokers in preventing smoking initiation or exposure to smoke/aerosol.

Lessons Learned

The on-line training:

  • Has been well received by health professionals as it is virtual and allows for adaptation to the most appropriate schedule in each case, it is free and it is accredited.
  • Uses significant learning, with activities of prior reflection, practical information, application of knowledge in practical exercises, provision of resources to effectively implement counseling. In addition, evaluation of the activities is carried out, thus improving training.
  • Offered annually (3 - 4 courses).
  • It has been complemented with other online training courses on tobacco addiction (30 h): intensive intervention.

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  • Institution/organization: Murcia Regional Health Council
  • Department/lead: Department of Health Promotion / Olga Monteagudo Piqueras

  • E-mail: