WP leader: Cancer Society of Finland (Satu Lipponen)

The aims of the work package is to

  • Update, build awareness and strengthen implementation of the European Code Against Cancer (ECAC) in Member States
  • Plan a sustainable monitoring system with a follow-up structure for ECAC
  • Target vulnerable populations to reduce inequalities and foster health promotion (building upon the CanCon policy papers and the Guide)
  • Reinforce cancer prevention via population-based screening programmes, further developing the principles of the 2003 EU recommendations on screening
  • Identify data collaboration partners and to describe the process leading to better implementation of screening.
  • Strengthen screening practices with quality criteria and to remove obstacles of early detection of cancer.

Specific objectives are the following:

  • Monitoring of ECAC recommendations in the long-term perspective
  • Providing a special focus on conflicting recommendations
  • Exploring early detection and management strategies
  • Organising European Week Against Cancer conferences and providing 3 reports for the article of the iPAAC chapter on prevention