WP leader: Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgium (Regine Kiasuwa Mbengi)

This work package covers two key aspects of efficient policy making: implementation and sustainability. Considering that a JA is a relatively short project (3Y), implementation can realistically only be achieved starting from a common ground of understanding on actions to be taken for a particular issue. We propose to take the ‘European Guide on quality improvement of cancer control”1 developed in the former Joint Action CanCon as the basis and develop a so-called Roadmap on implementing the recommendations set out therein. (Alternative title: “Roadmap towards implementing the policy recommendations of the EU Guide on quality improvement in cancer control”)

Besides, this new Joint action will address also a number of new issues the field of cancer prevention, governance, genomics, innovative therapies, cancer care and the use of registries. To develop recommendations on new developments and sustainable integration of the latter within the framework of comprehensive cancer control policy, we propose to follow a similar process as applied in the JA CanCon (see chapter 3 of the CanCon Guide).

The overall aim of this work package is delivering the two final documents of the Joint Action: a “Roadbook on implementing the policy recommendations of the EU Guide on quality improvement in cancer control” and a “Guide on innovative actions against cancer: EU perspective”

The WP4 will ascertain a common methodology which will assure the quality, the coherence and the timely compilation into the final outputs. In this work package, two levels of work and methodology have to be specified:

  • a macro level that will ensure the quality and coherence of the overall outputs (the two main documents);
  • a micro level that concerns the development of each chapter, with specific methods and expertise.

The macro level consists in allowing the production of high-quality coherent documents in time. Three key requisites were identified:

  1. the use of general principles in the methodology used for all chapters development;
  2. a regular verification of the content of the chapters (by recurrent quality checks’ of the included evidences/material, for any redundancies, duplications,…) and
  3. crosschecking the coherence between the chapters with respect e.g. to nomenclature, abbreviations references,…

The WP4 will be supported by two bodies: a Government Board (GB) and a Guide Coordination Committee (GCC) and assisted by at least one expert in policy guide compilation.

Regarding the micro level, the WP4 will organise close follow-up to support and guide the authors in the development of their chapter.

A set of methodological principles for compiling the two documents is proposed. The basic aim of the output is to provide general common guidance on sustainable implementation of the JA CanCon policy recommendations and provide evidence-based guidance on bringing innovation to cancer patients.


27–28/06/2018, Brussels


Visits to EU countries
Part I, Part II